Beta Update – April 5th, 2019

By Palmer | April 5, 2019

Hey guys,

I just wanted to take a minute to update everyone on beta, and what all has been done. Our vision of beta has changed quite a lot since we started this project back in November. Since we’re dealing with 25 year old code, a complete overhaul has basically been required to get the game up and running properly.

When we we say, “everything is different,” we mean it. Almost every single function has been altered in some way. The goal for this is to make everything not only easier to add to in the future, but also to just make everything far more efficient. There are bugs that have been in every version of Vampire Wars that we have fixed, and quite a few of them.

Unfortunately for you guys, the more we change, the longer things take. We currently have on MAJOR thing to finish before we open the doors: Saving clandiscs to the player files. Once this is complete, we’ll open the doors and let everyone go HAM on the testing. I know a lot of you guys have been in limbo because all of the VW muds either closed or suck, and I just wanted to thank all of you guys who have stuck around and are going to be testing the game and supplying feedback.

Beta begins Wednesday, April 10th

Status Update – April 1, 2019

By Palmer | April 1, 2019

No April Fools here, just a good ole status update!


  • Lots of old spells that were never used have been removed
  • Quest is no longer castable (see below)
  • Spells now have a minimum level before you can cast them. This isn’t used right now, but many spells will be updated in the very near future.
  • Buffs are now based on the caster’s stats, not a flat number
    • This affects: armor, bless, dark bless, giant strength, poison, shield, stone skin (I’ll update this if I forgot some, as I’m still working on this)
    • Shield, Armor, and Stone Skin all currently give Armor. This may be changed in the future.
    • Weaken now reduces 50% of your base, permanent strength.
    • Poison now reduces your modified strength (the STR you get from gear), by 10% per stack.
  • All “breath” spells have been updated.
    • Gas breath now hits up to 12 targets and does 25% more damage than other breaths
    • Lightning breath now hits up to 12 targets and does not need a target. Has a small chance on hit to stun the target.
    • Fire breath now hits up to 12 targets and does not need a target. Has a small chance on hit to ignite the target, dealing 10% of the damage as additional damage over time. (IE, hit for 1k, then they get a 100 damage dot)
    • Frost breath now hits up to 12 targets and does not need a target. Has a small chance on hit to freeze the target. Frozen targets have a chance to not be able to attack.
    • Acid breath now hits up to 12 targets and does not need a target. Has a small chance on hit to eat through the armor of whoever it hits.
  • Fireball no longer hits twice (This was a fun bug that I accidentally created)
  • Energy Drain now heals based on how much damage was done, not by some arbitrary number


tl;dr Questing is gone, baby.

Seriously… Everyone but me hated questing, and I only didn’t hate it because I had a database of every single item in the entire game, aliases to get every single item, and a script to loop through the items I needed and literally go get them. Big shock, I botted questing. You damn right I did…

So, we listened to you guys. Questing is gone. There is a new system called Imbue, and that’s how you will add spells to your gear. Other than that, there will be items in the future to boost the stats on your gear, but for now, you get what you get so don’t throw a fit.


Combat overhauls have been a constant thing for us. The old combat system is just flawed and needs work, so here’s what we’ve done:

  • Block has been implemented. Got a shield in your OH? Sweet! You have a chance to block attacks…
  • Dodge and Parry have been updated.
  • A missed attack is rolled into Dodge, so you might not see a lot of miss messages, but it’s still factored in.
  • Weapon spells now trigger on each attack, and not once per round.
  • Spell shields now trigger on each attack, and not once per round.
  • Gear will no longer disappear when broken. Instead, a new system will be created for you to repair the item.

Status Update – March 16, 2019

By Palmer | March 16, 2019

Hey guys, time for another status update! Since last week, we have:

  • Doubled the amount of disciplined abilities that have been finished
  • Overhauled and tweaked multiple areas, with the goal of having at least to 5k finished for beta
  • Finished 2-hander implementation
  • Updated new characters to begin at 500 across
  • Updated new characters to choose their starting weapons
  • Updated new characters to start with full newbie gear
  • Added books for each clan so that they can learn about their rank 6-10 abilities
  • Added in support for MSSP, MSDP, and MXP for anyone who wants to do some cool shit on their clients.

It looks like we’re still a few weeks out of beta, but we will keep everyone posted!

Status Update – March 7th, 2019

By Palmer | March 7, 2019
  • Tier command works!NOTE: We still need to cap on total tier points spent on raising any clandisc higher than 5.
  • Updated the color on killYou now see different color options based on whether you have a remort bonus or penalty.
  • Added in tier point gainsPreviously you only gained Tier Points if you were in a group.
  • Added tier points to the score command
  • [ADMIN] Added remort and tierpoints to the mset command