Animalism is a Discipline that brings the vampire closer to their animalistic nature. This not only allows them to communicate with and gain dominance over creatures of nature, but gives them influence over the Beast itself.

Pact with Animals (Rank 1)

  • Wolf - Get an extra claw attack
  • Snake - Chance to add poison to attacks
  • Bird - Allows traveling over water without a mount
  • Boar - Tougher skin makes you take less damage(10%)

Beckoning (Rank 2)
Summon an animal companion that will aid in fights. (scales with generation)

  • Wolf - Assists by directly attacking your target.
  • Snake - Increases dodge chance and damage roll.
  • Bird - Increases parry chance and hit roll.
  • Boar - Has a chance to stun enemies.

Quell the Beast (Rank 3)
Drastically lowers the beast of target, has a chance to make mobs cower in fear.

Subsume the Spirit (Rank 4)
Allows you to take the form of a wolf, granting bonus armor, attacks per round and damage.

Drawing Out the Beast (Rank 5)
Allows you to pass your beast to another player.