Change Log

Area Changes

  • Area files have been moved to JSON to be more human readable, and to make it easier to add new fields. This means we can add functionality rapidly into areas.
  • EVERY area is now bashable.
  • EVERY area has been re-sized. The "standard" bashing routes of the past is gone. You'll need to re-learn your bashing routes.
  • Mobs now spawn with gold. This was always supposed to be the case, but since 1994 no one ever realized that gold never loaded on mobs... You literally can't make this shit up.

Item Changes

  • Items now have dynamic stats. There is no longer a "Best in Slot", for now. Every item can potentially be the best item for that slot in the game. Happy hunting!
  • Two handers have been added to the game. You get fewer attacks per round, but they will hit significantly harder.
  • Stats are item-limited now. For example, hitroll and damroll will no longer be attainable on every single item and will only appear on items that fit into specific slots.
  • Shields have been added to the game. With the introduction of shields, a new stat "block" has been added to the game.
  • AC has been removed, and you now have Armor. Armor is, simply, damage reduction. The more you have, the less damage you take.. But the slower you are and the weaker you can hit your opponent.
  • Armor now has types - light, medium, heavy. Each armor type has it's own pros and cons that you'll have to decide what fits best into your play style.

Combat Changes

tl;dr: Combat has been completely rewritten.

  •  SvS reduces damage instead of healing you
  • Advanced stances are completely changed. They inherit stats from their base discs that combine into them, and have tradeoffs. IE: Swallow gives you dodge, parry, and damage reduction. But, you get 1-2 less attacks per round and a 25% damage done penalty.
  • Damage checks are groups now. IE, all damage bonuses are calculated before damage reductions are calculated, instead of some random fucking mess that the original code was.

Discipline Changes

  • Serpentis and Protean have been removed.
  • Animalism, Presence, Quietus, Thaumaturgy, and Viccisitude have been added.
  • Discipline abilities are gained by the tier command. You can gain one disicpline tier per generation.
    • IE, at generation 12, you can only have tier 1 of your clandiscs. At generation 11, you can have tier 2 of each clandisc.
  • Only your base disciplines can reach rank 6 or higher.
  • Tiers cost tier points. You gain 1 tier point per 1k hit points. You'll still receive tier points for mobs even if their exp level is far below your size, but at a significantly reduced rate.
  • ONLY Justicars can reach tier 10 of discplines.
  • There is a maximum amount of tier points that you can spend on disciplines. This means that even if you reach Justicar status, that doesn't mean you can get all of your discs to tier 10.
  • The only way to see what tier 6 and higher gives you is to be in a clan that has it as a base disc. Keep your abilities secret to surprise your enemies.
  • Generation is locked at Gen 8 unlocked it is unlocked. Once a player unlocks Gen 8, it unlocks for the entire clan. Each clan will need to unlock this for themselves.